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Penny Harlow is changing the game for alternative music while putting a pop, nostalgic take on indie music. The multifaceted musician sets the bar as a singer-songwriter, producer, and all-around artist. Penny Harlow has crafted a uniquely creative blend of real guitar riffs, real drums, and a strong female lead alongside her band. Launched in Los Angeles, the band was built to bring music lovers the hits they’re hungry for. 


Inspired by a variety of genres at a young age, Penny Harlow was drawn to Alternative/Indie which helped shape her distinct sound. In fact, she first fell in love with music when she was 6 as she sang in the choir, church band, and musicals. Her musical influences are Gorillaz, Pharell, Garbage, Daft Punk, Metric, The Doors, The Police, Beyonce, Oasis, Santigold, Amy Winehouse, Etta James, Prodigy, P!nk, Danny Elfman, John Barry, The Killers, Jack White, and Peaches just to name a few. Inspired by her surroundings and musical inspirations, Penny Harlow’s creative canvas is a colorful collective captivating the listener. 


She spent her childhood perfecting her passion influenced by early 1990s alternative, and the early 2000’s incredible indie era of artists including: Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Bloc Party, LCD Soundsystem, and The Strokes. Additionally, Hip Hop has also had a big influence on her musical sound when it came to understanding rhythm, arranging melodies, and creating songs. Nonetheless, N.E.R.D. was and continues to be one of her favorite groups to date. 


Before breaking out and building her own band, she was signed to a record label as a songwriter. For three years, she worked for them and wrote 95 songs for a catalog. Those tracks have since appeared in television shows on various networks as well as on projects for other musicians. As a songwriter, she’s collaborated with a wide range of musicians. So throughout her career, she’s had a slew of creative collaborations. 


For her latest project, she and her band bring their undeniably unmatched talent to the forefront. The band consists of drummer and show producer Chris Tsaganeas, Bassist Mario Vasquez and lead guitarist/ music producer Nick Bernyk. Penny Harlow co-Produces and writes all of the lyrics. Since stepping into the spotlight, Penny Harlow has had raved releases.  Her debut release,“Looking For My Mind,” won the best new music video award at the golden state film festival and screened at TCL IMAX in Hollywood.  Subsequent releases include “Ring Ring Ring,” “In The Clouds,” “Lightning” and, the latest offering,  “Imperfectly Me.”



Penny Harlow’s artistry is authentic as she is musically motivated by the times when creatives and the connection between their consumers was organic. She’s eager to engage with her audience on a more personal level and create a sound they'll love. To further capitalize on her musical foundation, Penny Harlow is currently enrolled in music production/sound design school and is set to graduate next summer. Maintaining momentum, this trending talent is looking to leave her mark in music production as one of the few women in the industry.  Remaining a force to be reckoned with, the remainder of Penny’s 2023 is filled with live performances and non-stop new music. Keep Penny Harlow & her band on your radar, as she’s sure an artist to watch!

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